Skinny Body Wraps 

My skin always looks so good after any work done by Mallory! She has some very nice products that work like magic. Not to mention she is an amazing masseuse.    

-Rachael A. Oakland CA 

Mallory Gargan
Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Massage Therapist
& Beauty Makeup Artist 

I first met Mallory almost a year ago when she did my makeup for my wedding.  I was thrilled with the beautiful job she did for me and my matron of honor..  We are both well over 50 and I didn't expect to look as spectacular as I did.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She listens to what you want and makes it better!  A true artist. 

But my relationship with Mallory did not end with the wedding makeup.  Since then, I've received skin care treatments from her.  I've always had sensitive skin and have had serious reactions to many types of makeup and skin care products.  Therefore, I have been generally cautious of skin treatments and care products.  Mallory analyzed my skin and recommended products that would improve its health and appearance.  I was very pleased with the results.  So, I decided to try a facial treatment, something I had never done in my 60+ years of life.  I was immediately pleased with how much smoother and healthier my skins feels and looks.  My friends have remarked on how good I look.  I couldn't be happier with the results.  Mallory explains the reasons behind the techniques and methods she chooses for my skin care, as well as the benefits of the products she recommends for my skin.  She is very skilled at her craft.  I would recommend her services to everyone. 

-Vickie T. Union City, CA


I need a quiet, gentle, but firm massage 2 or 3 times a month. I have tried the others available here in Alameda and have been disappointed. But then I came across Mallory. It is more than just her skill at massage, its the way she heard and understood my specific needs and constraints. It is the incredible comfort and serenity she gave me as part of the overall treatment. It was a great massage, it was a great encounter, I left feeling more at ease and more relaxed than I have in months. I am so very glad she came to Alameda. 
If you want a great massage and are tired of the poor work done at the other facilities, call Mallory. Enjoy the goodness she will give you.    

 -Dave N. Alameda CA


Mallory I've known since beauty school and not only is she a great Esthetician, Makeup Artist & Massage Therapist, she's an awesome business woman. I wish that she lived closer so that she could still give me her amazing facials. She also did the makeup for my wedding and it was flawless, her eye for detail and love of what she does makes her an asset to any project she does. 

-Amanda H. Cotati, CA 


I had a massage over the weekend, she has hands like magic! I've never had a massage before and Mallory made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I don't know why I never went to get one before! She is located very conveniently on Park Street in Alameda. I highly recommend making an appointment for some RnR! Maybe enjoy a cocktail and some lunch while your out and about. Plus, I found out she does facials and makeup for events. I'm very exited to go back to have a facial done!    

-Sarah B. Rio Linda, CA


I really hate writing reviews, but I had such a wonderful experience with Mallory that I felt compelled to write one. A few weeks ago, I was visiting Atlanta and decided to go get a massage at a place recommended by the locals. It ended up being the worse massage of my life. Not only did the massage therapist ignore all of my problem areas, she completely destroyed my back and neck. I had never before left a massage feeling stiff and in pain. When I got back I was still and pain and my friend recommended I go see Mallory. Mallory was incredible. She really listed to my problems and gave me the most amazing massage of my life. Who knew someone so small, could be so strong. She also gave me a list of strectches to do when I am home to help with my neck and back. I am now seeing her to help with a burn scar on my chest and am really seeing results. But I'll save that for another review.                      

-Alycia T. Alameda/Los Angeles, CA


I've had a ton of facials in my lifetime. Mallory gave me the best facial I've ever had. The steps were the same as the others, but my face has never looked better, more hydrated and has stayed clean the longest after seeing her. The dry lines around my eyes are almost gone! I need to see her again and buy her products!  She was also very knowledgeable about what my skin needed and about the products I was using that were bad for my skin. I really liked her as a person and her work. Highly recommended! 

-Gaby T. Berkeley, CA


Mallory's Signature facial is amazing! This treatment feels rejuvenating and relaxing. Mallory uses the perfect amount of pressure when massaging the face, neck, and shoulders. After the treatment my face felt so smooth and soft and looked clearer and brighter. I was even more amazed at how much more even and brighter my skin tone looked the next morning. I also added on the parafin wax for my hands and this is a must have. Immediately after my hands felt super soft and looked smoother and younger, and continued to look and feel this way all day. I wish I could have a parafin wax for my hands and feet every day :)

Her Back Treatment was lika a facial that was great for my back! I have a tendency to break out in the area of my upper back, so this treatment which included a scrub felt refreshing and the mask extremely relaxing. So relaxing that I fell asleep :) My back felt and looked much clearer by the next morning. I also carry all of my stress in my upper back and shoulders, and after this treatment I felt much more relaxed. 

Mallory is great at everything she does! Her makeup for any event is beautiful. Her facials leave your face looking and feeling clear, radiant, and soft. Her massages leave you feeling relaxed and are wonderful for curing headaches and help the recovery process of injuries. I would recommend Mallory to anyone.    

-Roxanne B. Rohnert Park, CA


I had a wonderful first experience at A Place to Relax Day Spa (now I Am Skin), by far the premier day spa in Sonoma County.  I was treated with respect and compassionately throughout my visit and from the very beginning i felt comfortable and cared for.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mallory and walked away relaxed, rejuvenated and with drastically improved skin.  We all need to take care of our health and this is the best way for you to do it.  Definitely check this place out and give her a call you won't be disappointed.    

-Kyle B. Navato, CA


Far and away the best skin care professional I've ever been to, knowledgeable, personable, and someone who genuinely cares about restoring you're skin to it's original perfection. Most beauticians are invasive and gossipy, very unpleasant to be around; however, Mallory is compassionate, thoughtful and respectful and gives the most relaxing experiences i have ever had. I'm not just writing this review because of her soothing touch or because my skin looks the best it has since i got hit puberty. I took the time to post this review because Mallory educated me about a subject i thought i already knew everything about and provided me with the tools necessary to improve the health of my skin and my over all appearance.

-Chuck D. Santa Rosa, CA



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